Sign Up and Cancellation:

Due to the limited number of spots you WILL need to sign up and pre-pay to secure a spot.

If you do have to cancel we recommend being courteous and doing so at least 4 hours in advance so if someone is on the waitlist they can get into class.  If you do not cancel and fail to show up to class you will be charged the corresponding drop in rate for that class which is $10 for any Be Fly Aerial class excluding Be Fly-days which you would be charged $5.

If you are not signed up for a Be Fly aerial class and show up at Ignite, we cannot guarantee you a spot.  If the class is full you’ll have to wait and see if everyone shows before being let in to participate.

Don’t Be Tardy.

Please arrive early for Aerial.  If you arrive once class has started we will not be able to let you  in.  This is a safety issue for not only other participants but also for you.

Intro Class

Before you sign up for any Aerial class you will need to take the mandatory Intro to Aerial class.  Not only is this to educate you on the equipment and terms we use, but also for you to see if this class is for you. Intro classes will be in a group setting but if you would like to do a private intro that is an option at a higher cost.

What to wear

We suggest you wear tighter fitting clothes to keep your “good parts” covered during inversions.  Also, to keep yourself from getting fabric burns we suggest tights that cover the knees and short sleeved t-shirts to protect the underarms.  Most importantly make sure your clothing has NO zippers and remove all jewelry, watches and hair clips. These items can snag and damage the hammocks.

Medical Conditions

It is a good idea to check check with your doctor before attending any exercise class but for Aerial some restrictions come into play.

Possible medical issues include but not limited to:

  • Spinal injury
  • Carpal Tunnel or other wrist/hand injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Glaucoma
  • Recent Surgery
  • Heart Disease
  • Very High or Very Low Blood Pressure
  • Easy Onset Vertigo
  • Osteoporosis or Bone Weakness
  • Recent Concussion or Head Injury
  • Head Cold, Flu, or Sinusitis
  • Hiatal Hernia or Disc Herniation
  • Recent Stroke
  • Artificial or Re-Surfaced Hips
  • Botox (within 24 hours of class)

Important be Fly Schedule Information

We are so excited about the response we have had to our Be Fly Aerial classes. This has been new territory for not only you guys but for us as well. So with that we want to try some things so we can bring you the best schedule, experience and workout possible. We are also going to try to fine tune the schedule so you are getting the classes at the times that work for everyone. With that being said we are going to try to combine classes a bit. Meaning if the majority of people on a given day are signed up for one class then we will give the others that are signed up an opportunity to be absorbed into that class. If that doesn’t work for you and we drop the class you were signed up for, please know that your credit then gets applied to your account for any future class. We have also been asked about how many times you can take a Be Fly Aerial Intro and the answer is, as many times as you like. If you like the intro or want to work up to any Be Fly Aerial class then keep coming to the intro. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. And as always thank you for being a part of this journey.