“You should do a Zumba shirt making class night.  Charge admission that includes the shirt!” That is a fantastic idea!  We will try to get this going in the near future.  Look for the event created on facebook. “At Zcore do three sets: 12-10-8?” Jill has changed her Zcore to fit this model.  Thanks for

  • Becca

    “I HATE exercising at the gym, but I know I have some weight to lose. I tried Angela’s evening class and I now am addicted to Zumba. It’s so much fun you don’t even realize you’re getting an hour of intense cardio. Angela is an amazing instructor. I’d recommend her classes to anyone who wants


    “Summer add 9 & 10 classes?” We send out a survey to see what class requests are for types of classes and times and 7am was the consensus this time around.  We have added a 7am class on Thursdays of which we need at least 5 people pre-registered by 10pm the night before in order

  • Lauri

    “For the last 6 years I was at the gym working out 3 days a week and counting my calories trying to lose weight. And I got into shape but didn’t really lose any weight or sizes. So I got bored with the gym and didn’t go for a while trying to find something fun


    “Gift cards for classes & merch would be cool!” We do have gift certificates available and are working on a possibly getting a “card.” “Can we have an early morning Saturday Zumba again?!  8, 9, or 10?!” We have sent out a survey asking for class type and time requests, please be sure to fill

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