Personal Trainer DannyMeet our personal trainer Danny Strohman. Here he is in his own words.

“When I was growing up, I was never really active.  I mean, I was “active” in the aspect that I was on sports teams, but I never hustled, I loved playing goalie or defense because that meant that I didn’t have to do that much work.  I was always on the bigger side, mainly because of my diet of bagel bites and ice cream. Even though I joined the swim team and was a cheerleader I never got myself into shape.  And then I hit college.  I really didn’t keep up with exercise then.  I mean, it’s college right?  It’s an expectation that you gain weight.  Upon graduating I was overweight and unhealthy.

In January of 2014 I was invited to a Zumba event.  Zumba always seemed fun, but I was always too afraid to try it.  I asked a couple of friends to go with me so I wasn’t alone. Turned out to be the BEST hour I had experienced. I was out of breath, but the energy in the room kept me going. There was a sense of community even though I had just met these people. I signed up for an unlimited monthly membership right away.  It was as they call it “exercise in disguise”.  I was having fun and sweating (a lot) and my mind just felt like I was having a night out at the club.  In 3 months I lost 15 pounds!   

I was feeling great but then made the decision to stop going.  I thought I had enough discipline to work out on my own. About 6 months went by and I had gained all that weight back and more. I was the heaviest I had been in my life in September of 2014.  I returned to Ignite Studio (formerly ZStudio) and set out on my fitness journey again. Once again, I was welcomed with open arms and I mean that quite literally.  As I walked in the door, I received a huge hug from the owner, Christine, and we picked up where we left off.  I focused on eating healthier and I was losing weight and feeling great!  My confidence had come back so much I even became a Zumba Instructor and I never looked back.

As a Personal Trainer, my goals remain the same for myself and you; never give up and keep evolving.  I want to watch you fall in love with yourself over the course of our training.  

A quote that I live by (I even have shoes that say it) is “Pain is temporary.  Pride is forever”. What it means to me is that no matter how exhausted you are, no matter how much your biceps hurt because of all the curls, no matter how drenched you are in sweat,  you will not regret it.  The pain goes away, and what you have in place of it, is your sense of pride. Knowing that you pushed yourself to meet your goal, and you didn’t give up.”

Personal Training Package Info

Personal training packages are offered as one on one sessions or you can choose “The Buddy System” where you and a friend can train together with Danny.

Pricing is as follows:

One on One 60 minute sessions

  • 5 – Sessions – $275
  • 10 – Sessions – $500
  • 15  – Sessions – $675

The Buddy System 60 minute sessions (price is per person)

  • 5 – Sessions – $225
  • 10 – Sessions – $400
  • 15 –  Sessions – $525

All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Packages expire as follows:

5 Session Package – Expires 3 months from date of purchase.

10 Session Package – Expires 4 months from date of purchase

15 Session Package – Expires 6 months from date of purchase

Purchase a 15 session package and receive a monthly membership at the discounted price of $55 for time your PT package is active.

For more information contact Danny at or call/text him at 218-340-9195.